What is the age requirement for entry?

Bodega is strictly a 21+ venue. No exceptions.

What are the ID policies?

To enter Bodega, you must show a valid form of federal or state-issued photo ID (Drivers license, State ID, Passport) as proof of age. We reserve the right to ask for a second form of ID if the first form is unacceptable or unclear.

What is the dress code?

Fashion-forward and always trendy. While we don’t adhere to a formal policy, we do retain the right to deny entry to any person for any reason at any time. We abide by great vibes. In all instances the decision of the management team is final.

What are my parking options?

We recommend all patrons utilize ride-sharing platforms like Lyft and Uber. Limited public street parking spots may be available.

How do I find lost belongings?

Please submit a lost items claim by clicking here and include the date of your visit and a full description of lost belongings (include coat check # if belongings were left in our coat check).

Is there seating?

Seating is reserved for bottle service. Special cases will be accommodated. To view bottle service pricing, please click here and select the event date. For further requests, please contact info@bodegamke.com

What can I not bring into the venue?

  • No outside food, beverages, or beverage containers (including reusable water bottles).
  • Vaporizers and e-cigs.
  • No backpacks or large bags (larger than 16” by 16” x 8”)
  • No sharpies or markers.
  • No weapons (even with a concealed weapons permit), chains, pocket knives, pepper spray, firearms, or objects that security and performers think could possibly be used as a weapon.
  • No non-labeled/improperly-packaged prescription drugs or eye drops.
  • The policy for cameras and audio/video recording devices varies by event. Professional DSLR cameras, GoPro’s and other related devices may be denied. Please contact info@bodegamke.com for more information.

Is there a coat check?

Yes, you can check your coat and personal belongings in a secured area for a $5

What is the process of “Checking In” at the venue for my table reservation?

VIP reservations and guest list attendees are able to utilize a separate VIP line for entry. Please have ID’s ready prior to checking in with our doorman. If you have a table reservation, you will be escorted to your seats by a VIP host where they can take your party’s order and offer recommendations.

How do I pay for my table the night of the event?

Upon arrival, the purchaser must show a credit card and ID that match. You can close out your bill with a maximum of 3 split forms of payment.

I need to cancel or reschedule my VIP table booking. How can I do so?

We focus on providing our guests with an unprecedented experience. As such, we cannot accommodate requests for refunds, cancellations, or date changes.

What is the guest list?

A guest list is an exclusive invite-only offer for reduced admission during certain time restrictions. Entry is not guaranteed – it is subject to capacity. This is featured on select events only.

I was at your venue recently and noticed I was double charged. What can I do?

Typically this is just a credit card authorization, meaning we were ensuring funds were available at the time of your purchase. This charge will reflect as processing in your bank account until the funds are either cleared or credited back to your account (typically within 3-7 days the charge will clear). For further details regarding when the hold will be released, please contact your banking institution directly.


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